Recover deleted photos from your digital camera’s memory card

Photos are one of the best ways to capture golden and memorable moments of life. But sometimes these precious photos are lost or deleted from memory card due to many reasons. It is one of the common problems that you accidentally press “Delete all” button of your digital camera or accidentally formatted memory card of your camera. In this situation you may loss pictures from the memory card of your camera and now you need to recover photos from memory card.

Digital cameras use memory cards to store pictures or video clips taken by it. SD cards, XD cards, CF cards and Memory Sticks are some of the popular memory cards used by digital cameras. These memory cards stores pictures and images in a file. This file in which data is stored captures some space on the memory card. And when the pictures are accidentally deleted or photos are lost or deleted because of any other reason the space where the pictures were stored is not deleted but this space is classified as available where the card can store new images. So when the pictures are deleted stop taking photos from the camera as the images may be overwritten. You can recover deleted photos from memory card unless the memory card is physically damaged.

But you need not worry as you can recover deleted photos from memory card. To restore lost images first connect your digital camera to computer through USB. If camera is not displayed as Drive letter in “My Computer” then an external USB card reader is needed and when card reader is inserted in the card camera appears as drive letter and let software tools to access data which is stored on the Memory card.

Pentax Photo Recovery software is efficient software which recovers photo from the Pentax digital camera. This software has advanced scanning algorithm which performs scanning of memory cared and recover deleted photos from memory card.


Pentax Photo Recovery


System Requirements
  • Processor : Pentium Class or higher class processors
  • Operating System : Windows (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003) and Macintosh (Mac 10.4 x tiger, 10.3.9 Panther, and 10.5 x leopard)
  • Memory : At least 256MB of RAM(recommended)
  • Hard Disk : 30 MB of free disk space


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